1. This ALL-LEVEL, recreational league is intended to foster FUN and develop ATHLETIC LITERACY. Participants, parents and coaches alike are expected to understand this as the first and foremost rule.

  2. Teams will play a 4 on 4 style game.

  3. Each game will start on its strict scheduled time. Games will be divided into two 22 min periods. Teams will switch ends during a 4 min half time break. Other breaks will occur at the discretion of coaches/directors/refs depending on weather conditions.

  4. Referees are charged with maintaining flow of game and as such are asked to avoid calling accidental infractions.

  5. NO BODY CONTACT is allowed! Aggressive and rough play is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will be addressed immediately.

  6. ANY unruly or harassing behaviours may result in ejection from game and/or league without discussion and a refund for games not yet played WILL NOT be provided. An ejection may come from referees and/or off-ice officials.

  7. NO FLOORING ("ICING") CALLS – In order to ensure continuous play, flooring calls will not be made; HOWEVER

  8. OFFSIDES – will be called at the referee’s discretion. Offsides will follow the "floating blue line rule"

  9. FLOATING BLUE LINE - Offsides are determined at the defending team's blue line. Once the ball enters the defending team's zone, by crossing the blue line, the offensive zone expands to the red line (centre line). Once the ball goes out of the expanded zone (by crossing the red line into the attacking team's zone), then the attacking team must "clear the blue line", and may not enter the defending team's zone until the ball re-enters their zone first again. Players (even with possession and control) may not back over the blue line with the ball.

  10. When defending goalie smothers puck, all attacking players will clear the offensive zone but may then immediately resume play.

  11. Teams will switch ends after half time. The quick interim between periods will allow players to get a drink and play then resumes with ball drop on centre line.

  12. Players are expected to understand that this recreational league ENFORCES FAIR PLAY and encourages short shifts on the fly for team sake. Therefore, they must respect the coaches/helpers instructions from the bench.

  13. ALL PENALTIES – will result in an immediate penalty shot awarded to the offended player. Whether a goal is scored or not, play resumes with a puck drop at centre line.

  14. All other rules are in accordance with the official ball hockey rules as provided through the Ball Hockey Website which is the leading provider of ball hockey in Ontario. Please go to for Official Rules.