Mooresy Hockey Development finds that more and more often, players are incorporating some spring and summer hockey development during the off-season. Without a doubt, any athlete will gain athletic literacy through diverse sports experiences. However, as the level of skill and talent increases, year after year, players are looking for ways to take or keep the "leg up" on their competitors.

Spring/Summer tournaments can be a valuable way to gain competitive experience while building on hockey-specific skills. When players are removed from their typical setting (team), they are given the opportunity to experience different coaching philosophies, and team cultures. Playing with teammates that one might normally find as an opponent builds on a player's adaptability and, in turn, makes them a more intelligent hockey player.

When building our teams, we first look at who will be on the bench. The number one quality that we look for in the head coach is that their primary goal is to increase the level of competitiveness within each player. Off-season tournaments are VERY competitive and any invited players MUST exhibit this trait in spades. However, they must equally show that they have a "team first" mentality. 

With all of this in mind, we find that each team's roster varies slightly at each event and we take much pride that our rosters include players from various minor hockey centres from the Alliance Hockey League, the GTHL as well as the OMHA